Thursday, December 31, 2009

Club Scrap Rocks

I received my first kit from Club Scrap this week. After hyperventilating with the incredible textures, colors, embellishments, and fibers, I sat there at my craft table and being nearly in tears with not understanding or knowing what to do, I logged on to the Club Scrap Community and asked for help.  The outpouring of friendship and advise was staggering!!!  I even received a personal phone call from Rita at Club Scrap where she went over everything in my kit, understanding the instructions, and where to find more help.  There were an incredible amount of people who commented leaving more invaluable advise and opinions.  So instead of that hugh (and I mean HUGE) box of supplies sitting there on the table looking at me like a pile of geico money and laughing, I was able to dig in and start making some projects. Now I just need to figure out how to upload them onto this site.  So I'm sending out warm hugs to all my new friends at Club Scrap and hope you will return to see how my new adventure turns out.

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  1. Hi, Sherri! Thanks so much for visiting, commenting and following me; I am so honored and happy to have you!

    I answered your question in my last post,however, the cartridge I used for the CD/DVD wallet was the George cart. I can also do it in Plantin or as an SVG, if that'll be easier for you and more convenient. All you need is to let me know! Just give me a moment to feel better as I've been troubled with a terrible headache the last several days.

    I am so glad everyone responded to you and made you feel better about that kit -- lol!!! You'll find such a great group of people around here too, and if there anything I can do to help -- just yell (seriously, leave me a comment).

    Now, use that kit so that when I come back I'll have something to admire -- lol!!!!